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Our mission is to providing innovative solutions continuously along with the greatest service.

MitraComm Ekasarana is a technology service provider and systems integrator was established as sister company of Phintraco in 1999, with its office located at The East Building, Jakarta Indonesia.

Understanding Clients Needs

Understanding our client unique needs

Latest Technology

Using the industry leading and latest technology


Offer flexible arrangement and choices of services based on current client situations

Our Methodology

Managing project with its owned methodology call “SOCIS”, to fulfill target time and customer requirement:

Development/Simulation environment for the development of the solution and testing prior to production.

Requirement Analysis, design, development, testing, production and maintenance.

Work together with other parties involved to assure success.

Mitracomm Experience

MitraComm professionals have strong expertise and experience in messaging technologies, integrating SMS transactions, e-reload, push SMS, billing payment, Mobile Banking, and other mobile transactions and integration with Telecommunication Provider middleware.

We have a standard system that can be enhanced by an experienced and expert team to fullfil the requirements quickly and effectively.

To reduce the risk and speed up of implementation, MitraComm has put together a very strong team, comprising of highly qualified professionals.