What We Do

Customer satisfaction is closely linked to levels of service.  Today, contact center becomes one of the crucial part in a company, particularly in the area customer servicing.  It helps customer interaction, and creates harmonious relationship between its customers is important part of business.

A Contact Center is essentially needed, here they can sell products,  respond and  resolve issues, take reservations, handle inquires, and many more.

MitraComm Ekasarana – Contact Center Solution is one of leading contact center solution companies in Indonesia that offers a complete range of contact center outsourcing solutions.  We provide technology and customized services to connect and interact with your customers.

By outsourcing your contact center operations  to us, you can focus more on your core business areas, improve productivity, extend your service, gain more profit,  and yet keep the professional service quality for your customers. We have the competence and experienced resources in Contact Center industry. We have high capacity of Contact Center, Infrastructure and also high standard of Service Level Guarantee (SLG) in order to achieve high Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI).

Our comprehensive portfolio of contact center solutions, includes:

  • Manpower Outsourcing We work hard to provide suitable candidates, in accordance to the company requirements. To find the perfect candidates, we conduct selective recruitment process using standard ideal for contact center profile selection and methods.
  • Contact Center Outsourcing One major part of the strategy to expand businesses is to have a contact Center as the distribution channel. The contact center will also help to develop and maintain relationship between companies with their customers.
  • Business Process Outsourcing It  provides business service which offers to take all company’s non-core business functions (operations) off, and make them to entrust us as an external solution  specializing in this kind of business process.
  • Hosted Contact Center Hosted contact center allows customers to set up a contact centre, without having to purchase and locate new equipment. Simple and easy.
  • Training Our Training Center is available to train agents, supervisors and system (technology) administrators, and  focus to prepare work-ready human resources for the contact center operation.