How We Do It

At Mitracomm Ekasarana – Channel Solution, we treat our customers seriously.  Whether it is System Implementation or Project Management, our industry-trained professionals are ready to deliver services that will exceed your expectation.

Through years of experience and multiple industry exposure, our implementation methodology has evolved and adapts to fit your business needs. Whatever industry your are specialized in, our personalize approach will provide guidance to rapidly implement the right solution without compromising the project management practices such as risk avoidance, task and time management, quality management, status reporting, milestone management, and scope change management.

We take pride in its own methodology; our sequential yet parallel phases will deliver maximum results to your organization’s project. Our attentive engineers always carefully analyze and provide meaningful insight every step of the way. We deliver cost-effective, phased implementation that deliver incremental and measureable benefits.

We adapt “SOCIS Methodology” to meet our customers’ scope of requirements.  The methodology covers:

  • Development/Simulation environment for the development of the solution and testing prior  production phase
  • Requirement Analysis, design, development, testing, production and maintenance.
  • Cooperation with other parties involved to assure success.