What We Do

For more than a decade, Mitracomm Ekasarana Channel Solution (MECS), a technology service provider and systems integrator specializes in electronic transaction services, has been delivering innovative messaging service, such as e-payment and auto-access to financial industry,  includes electronic voucher reload, SMS and becomes a messaging gateway to many corporations.  We also provide Mobile Banking Solutions such as STK Banking Application, SMS Banking Applications and USSD Application.

MECS has close channel partnership with leading companies, from Banking sectors to telecommunication service providers

We are committed to providing cost effective and reliable services, and aim to meet the need of small-medium business as well as large corporations alike.  Our direction now  is to grow and  expand further as the content provider for electronic and wireless commerce.

Our Complete Range of Services include:

  • Automatic Top Up, Recharge, Reload of prepaid cellular cards from cellular operators by deducting debit or credit account of banks automatically, via multiple channels like: ATM, Internet Banking, Phone Banking, SMS Banking and Mobile banking.
  • Short Message Services with direct connection to cellular operators :
    • SMS Broadcast
    • SMS Banking
    • SMS Push and Pull (Originating / Termination)
    • SMS Token
  • Provide Mobile Banking Solutions : STK Mobile Banking Applications, SMS Banking Applications and USSD Applications.
  • Switching Gateway for various needs